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The Ripple Effect

“Young and old shall prophesy and have dreams and visions” – The Apostle Peter in Acts 2:17

One such fulfillment of this verse happened to me in 2004. Over a period of 6 months, I saw a ripple effect vision on three occasions while I prayed. The Holy Spirit has given me visions for over 40 years. They appear out of nowhere as an imagine in my mind – quite unexpectedly.

Although I prayed each time that I saw this ripple effect, no interpretation came. Then one day, while walking in Nashville, TN, I saw a piece of trash on the ground and the Spirit spoke to me – “Beau, pick it up.”

Thinking that I had a fertile imagination, I promptly ignored the thought. Then, with great urgency in the tone, the Voice repeated – “Pick it up!”

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The Secret to Great Prayer

I am amazed at how much we neglect the greatest source of power in our lives – Prayer. Are we just lazy? No! The answer is much simpler, but deeper. It is an issue of the heart and the heart is profoundly deep.

Preachers try many tactics to get us to pray. Some stir our emotions to motivate us. They employ stories from the Bible or real life to inspire us. Sometimes, they go to the dark side and use guilt to shame us into action. It works for a time, but our prayers quickly fade with our emotions.

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